What is the difference between React and Angular?

Let's see the difference between React and Angular in a table format.

React is a library and has only the View layerAngular is a framework and has complete MVC functionality
React handles rendering on the server sideAngularJS renders only on the client side but Angular 2 and above renders on the server side
React uses JSX that looks like HTML in JS which can be confusingAngular follows the template approach for HTML, which makes code shorter and easy to understand
React Native, which is a React type to build mobile applications are faster and more stableIonic, Angular's mobile native app is relatively less stable and slower
In React, data flows only in one way and hence debugging is easyIn Angular, data flows both way i.e it has two-way data binding between children and parent and hence debugging is often difficult

Note: The above list of differences are purely opinionated and it vary based on the professional experience. But they are helpful as base parameters.

July 23, 2022