What are HOC factory implementations?

There are two main ways of implementing HOCs in React.

  1. Props Proxy (PP) and
  2. Inheritance Inversion (II).

But they follow different approaches for manipulating the WrappedComponent.

Props Proxy

In this approach, the render method of the HOC returns a React Element of the type of the WrappedComponent. We also pass through the props that the HOC receives, hence the name Props Proxy.

function ppHOC(WrappedComponent) {
return class PP extends React.Component {
render() {
return <WrappedComponent {...this.props} />;

Inheritance Inversion

In this approach, the returned HOC class (Enhancer) extends the WrappedComponent. It is called Inheritance Inversion because instead of the WrappedComponent extending some Enhancer class, it is passively extended by the Enhancer. In this way the relationship between them seems inverse.

function iiHOC(WrappedComponent) {
return class Enhancer extends WrappedComponent {
render() {
return super.render();

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