How to create react class components without ES6?

If you don’t use ES6 then you may need to use the create-react-class module instead. For default props, you need to define getDefaultProps() as a function on the passed object. Whereas for initial state, you have to provide a separate getInitialState method that returns the initial state.

var Greeting = createReactClass({
getDefaultProps: function () {
return {
name: 'Jhohn',
getInitialState: function () {
return { message: this.props.message };
handleClick: function () {
render: function () {
return <h1>Hello, {}</h1>;

Note: If you use createReactClass then auto binding is available for all methods. i.e, You don't need to use .bind(this) with in constructor for event handlers.

April 23, 2022