How to Use the Object.keys() Method in JavaScript

The Object.keys() method is a useful tool for accessing and manipulating the properties of JavaScript objects. This built-in function returns an array containing the keys of an object, allowing developers to easily iterate over and access the values of the object's properties.

For instance, consider the following JavaScript object:

const person = {
name: "John Doe",
age: 35,
city: "New York"

Using the Object.keys() method, we can retrieve an array containing the keys of this object:

const keys = Object.keys(person);
console.log(keys); // ["name", "age", "city"]

We can then use this array of keys to iterate over the properties of the object and access their values:

keys.forEach(key => {
console.log(${key}: ${person[key]}); // name: John Doe, age: 35, city: New York

As you can see, the Object.keys() method provides a simple and convenient way to access and manipulate the properties of JavaScript objects. Whether you're working with a complex data structure or a simple object, this method can help you easily access and modify the object's properties.

December 01, 2022