What are the case types in Angular?

Angular uses capitalization conventions to distinguish the names of various types. Angular follows the list of the below case types.

  1. camelCase : Symbols, properties, methods, pipe names, non-component directive selectors, constants uses lowercase on the first letter of the item. For example, "selectedUser"
  2. UpperCamelCase (or PascalCase): Class names, including classes that define components, interfaces, NgModules, directives, and pipes uses uppercase on the first letter of the item.
  3. dash-case (or "kebab-case"): The descriptive part of file names, component selectors uses dashes between the words. For example, "app-user-list".
  4. UPPER_UNDERSCORE_CASE: All constants uses capital letters connected with underscores. For example, "NUMBER_OF_USERS".

October 07, 2022