How do you create schematics for libraries?

You can create your own schematic collections to integrate your library with the Angular CLI. These collections are classified as 3 main schematics,

  1. Add schematics: These schematics are used to install library in an Angular workspace using ng add command. For example, @angular/material schematic tells the add command to install and set up Angular Material and theming.
  2. Generate schematics: These schematics are used to modify projects, add configurations and scripts, and scaffold artifacts in library using ng generate command. For example, @angular/material generation schematic supplies generation schematics for the UI components. Let's say the table component is generated using ng generate @angular/material:table .
  3. Update schematics: These schematics are used to update library's dependencies and adjust for breaking changes in a new library release using ng update command. For example, @angular/material update schematic updates material and cdk dependencies using ng update @angular/material command.

July 21, 2022