How do you change the settings of zonejs?

You can change the settings of zone by configuring them in a separate file and import it just after zonejs import. For example, you can disable the requestAnimationFrame() monkey patch to prevent change detection for no data update as one setting and prevent DOM events(a mousemove or scroll event) to trigger change detection. Let's say the new file named zone-flags.js,

// disable patching requestAnimationFrame
(window as any).__Zone_disable_requestAnimationFrame = true;
// disable patching specified eventNames
(window as any).__zone_symbol__UNPATCHED_EVENTS = ['scroll', 'mousemove'];

The above configuration file can be imported in a polyfill.ts file as below,

* Zone JS is required by default for Angular.
import `./zone-flags`;
import 'zone.js/dist/zone'; // Included with Angular CLI.

May 20, 2022