How do you categorize data binding types?

Binding types can be grouped into three categories distinguished by the direction of data flow. They are listed as below,

  1. From the source-to-view
  2. From view-to-source
  3. View-to-source-to-view

The possible binding syntax can be tabulated as below,

Data directionSyntaxType
From the source-to-view(One-way)1. {{expression}} 2. [target]="expression" 3. bind-target="expression"Interpolation, Property, Attribute, Class, Style
From view-to-source(One-way)1. (target)="statement" 2. on-target="statement"Event
View-to-source-to-view(Two-way)1. [(target)]="expression" 2. bindon-target="expression"Two-way

April 29, 2022